This is a glorious takedown of unquestioned dualism in the sciences that, naturally, has to fall back on the experience of meditation to make its point:

[C]onsider that in certain intense states of absorption – during meditation, dance or highly skilled performances – the subject-object structure can drop away, and we are left with a sense of sheer felt presence. How is such phenomenal presence possible in a physical world? Science is silent on this question. And yet, without such phenomenal presence, science is impossible, for presence is a precondition for any observation or measurement to be possible.

The idea that there’s a world “out there” and a mind “in here”, and we just haven’t figured out how they’re connected yet, is the most irrational religious belief in the secular world. The world actually does not make sense if you believe that, and it does if you let that idea drop away and see for yourself that it isn’t true. Yet Science™ plows ahead assuming it to be the case.

⤳ “The Blind Spot” on Aeon