If there is a faith claim that motivates the practice of meditation, it’s the claim that it “works.” For meditation to “work,” it could be enough that it alleviates suffering incrementally, or partially. But I admit that sometimes I believe, or want to believe, that it works completely — that the awakening the Buddha taught about is available.

If I’ve seen awakening in other beings with my own eyes, though, I didn’t know it. But I do occasionally hear reports from others that I believe. This description from Sarah Beasley of her teacher, for example:

Having even a brief taste of awakening, or true nature, causes one to fervently wish it for all beings. I remember with devotion the look on Lama Tharchin Rinpoche’s face when he would softly say, “It’s so simple, you won’t believe me,” with tears in his eyes.

Oof. I think I would, actually.

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